Indiana 2012 Ordination Resolution

By Doug Sloan

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On the morning of Saturday, September 29, 2012, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana at its Regional Assembly will consider a resolution that would remove sexual orientation as a criteria for being ordained in Indiana. Three other DoC regions will consider similar resolutions this year. I had the privilege of being one of the four (4) contributing authors of the Indiana resolution. The congregation of which I am a member is one of the six (6) sponsors of the resolution. Here is a link to that resolution as a PDF file formatted to fit on two pages: Ordination Resolution final 2-page

During the Saturday business session, there will be 48 minutes for debate of the resolution. The speakers, alternating between pro and con, will each be allowed two (2) minutes to make a statement. Here is a link to a PDF file of what I would say if there was no such time restriction:  Ordination Resolution Regional Assembly Comments

Also, check out this handout.

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Our gay sisters and brothers are not our enemies. Our gay sisters and brothers are not the scapegoats we send into the desert to carry away our sins of bigotry and willful ignorance and unholy exclusion. Our gay sisters and brothers are not a problem. It is our treatment of our gay sisters and brothers that is the problem. There is no secular basis or justification and there is no biblical basis or justification for the way we are treating, for the way we are abusing our gay sisters and brothers. Specifically, in this Indiana region, we accept people into a seminary journey that can last as long as six years and cost tens of thousands of dollars (usually covered by long-term student loans) and subject them to the associated deprivations, rigors, and stress of obtaining an advanced degree and then at the successful end of their academic journey, deny them ordination. That is – deny ordination to those who are truthful about who they are. To gay seminary students who lie or who are quiet about their sexual orientation; under the current ordination policy and process, we accept their request for ordination. This process is politely referred to as having no integrity. That description is both insufficient and inaccurate. It is a disgraceful process that is immoral because it is fraudulent. We punish people for being truthful and we reward people for being deceptive and then subliminally encourage them to continue that deception into their ministry. It is a process that needs to be replaced with a process that is just and compassionate and has moral integrity in its application and, consequently, rewards and encourages openness and honesty. Why? Because we do not treat people the way we are treating our gay candidates for ordination. We are divinely called to offer justice that is fair and restorative. We are to offer compassion that is generous and hospitable and healthy. Why? Because we are followers of Jesus. Because we worship a God of unrestrained love and unconditional grace.